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Terms Of Service

Last updated: Nov 27, 2023


Welcome to Grug Notes, a simple self-organizing tool for text, developed by Kamanu Composites in Hawai'i. Our service is designed to offer a straightforward note-taking experience, utilizing modern AI to enhance organization and efficiency. Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms") carefully before using Grug Notes.


"We," "us," or "our" refers to Grug Notes and its parent company, Kamanu Composites.
"Service" means the Grug Notes website and any associated services or features.
"You" refers to users and organizations owning an account with Grug Notes.

Acceptance of Terms

By using Grug Notes, you agree to these Terms. We reserve the right to update these Terms and will notify you of significant changes.

Account Terms

You are responsible for the security of your account and its usage.
Grug Notes is designed for human use; automated account creation is not allowed.
You must respect our usage restrictions, outlined in our policies.

Payment and Pricing

Grug Notes offers a subscription service at $15/month, with discounts available for annual payments.

Content and Use

You are responsible for the content you post and the activities under your account.
Our AI features help organize and structure your notes but we claim no ownership over your content.

Modifications and Availability

We continuously develop Grug Notes and may modify features or pricing. Notice will be given for significant changes.
Our service is provided "as is" and we strive for high availability and simplicity.

Data Security and Privacy

When you use our Services, you entrust us with your data. We take that trust to heart. You agree that Grug Notes may process your data as described in our Privacy Policy and for no other purpose. We generally avoid accessing any private data, however it is possible we can access your data for the following reasons:

To help you with support requests you make. We’ll ask for express consent before accessing any data in your account.
On the rare occasions when an error occurs that stops an automated process partway through. We get automated alerts when such errors occur. When we can fix the issue and restart automated processing without looking at any personal data, we do. In rare cases, we have to look at a minimum amount of personal data to fix the issue. In these rare cases, we aim to fix the root cause to prevent the errors from recurring.

To safeguard Grug Notes. We’ll look at logs and metadata as part of our work to ensure the security of your data and the Services as a whole. If necessary, we may also access accounts as part of an abuse report investigation.

To the extent required by applicable law. As a US company with all data infrastructure located in the US, we only preserve or share customer data if compelled by a US government authority with a legally binding order or proper request under the Stored Communications Act, or in limited circumstances in the event of an emergency request. If a non-US authority approaches Grug Notes for assistance, our default stance is to refuse unless the order has been approved by the US government, which compels us to comply through procedures outlined in an established mutual legal assistance treaty or agreement mechanism. If Grug Notes is audited by a tax authority, we only share the bare minimum billing information needed to complete the audit.

API and Customization

We plan to introduce API features for data import/export.
Customization options are limited to ensure a streamlined experience.

Feedback and Development

We welcome feedback and are committed to improving Grug Notes.
As a rapidly evolving service, we appreciate your understanding of potential imperfections.

Long-term Vision

Our goal is to make Grug Notes a reliable tool for personal and small business use, simplifying information management.

Liability and Warranty

We limit our liability as per standard industry practices and do not offer warranties beyond the service's intended use.

Contact and Support

For support or questions, please email